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Dear friends I am trying to give you some easy steps to stop biting from your pet parrot.

1-      Mood creation:- Just try to make very calm and pleasure  mood and sit gently beside the parrot.if we were nervous the parrot will also be very nervous.So before approaching he/she just be relax as  you can.place the parrot in a peaceful place that make him happy.

2-     Close observation:-please closely  observe the bird to deside why the bird bites us.some of them may bite because of fear or stress.But some others bites us because they don’t like to shere there place or cage with others.mostly we can understand by watching their body language that indicates when he/she is about to bite.So observe closely and try to think what he is going on when and just before they bites you

3-     Try to command over them:-if the parrot is very nervous to you, try to use some commands like ‘don’t bite’,’’cool cool’’ etc..and try gently to touch his/her beack. this will tell a tame parrot that it shouldn’t react after you do this repeatedly and the bird gets the idea.if the parrot calm down a bit,give some good seeds or toys to themin this way your pet will get the concept that biting is equal to praise ,toys or treat.;It wont take long for your pet parrot to learn this lesson.

4-     Always be consistent with your pet bird:-while training session please try to give the same command in a same vocal tone and perform the same behavior  along with the command.and quietly remove your  figure when the bird bites you. Just try to tolerate the hard bites of the parrot and please don’t try to beat or hit them.that will leads to heavy fedar and stress to them.the only discipline a parrot understands is removing yourself and your attention from them


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  •    shafeeq: iam new in this field i like birds and i want to start farming birds firstly which bird can i buy
  •    shafeeq: for farming
  •    huszain: Wish to have a same true pair.. i love Greys, i love intelligence :)